ccosmic-goddess asked:

ive met my divine angels xxx although it seems as tho ive "known" them since forever and before forever, they feel more than home, they word "know" cant compare to the connection,, thank you cherry xx

astrolocherry answered:

your empty




you’ll be empty of the voices, the suicide dreams, the torment that used to pretend to be 

you’re broken, there are fragments of you in everybody, in the dew on the cherry blossoms, the cotton of the clouds, yes you are divinely shattered

you’re bruised, purple, the colour of royalty and heaven, the tone of the sanctified, the shades of your inner imagination and universe, even if dealt by the hand of another

youre only sore, from the burn of lighting the sun, and how far you have to swing to get from star to star, from being in a world you know you never came from

xxx C.


heathadorable asked:

Is your period effected by your sign

blackveilwhovian asked:

I love the blog! Quick question, if the signs were Halloween costumes, what would they be?

astrolocherry answered:

aries - bam bam
taurus - cookie monster
gemini - peter and his shadow
cancer - werewolf
leo - donkey kong capricorn - skeleton jumpsuit
libra - bride of frankenstein
scorpio - dracula / cleopatra
aquarius - doctor who
pisces - little mermaid
sagittarius - captain jack sparrow
virgo - bloody nurse

this took me ages  cos no one will does halloween here so i had to think of outfits and what people would maybe wear. i dunno you get a few kids maybe 1-2 lol.


gninjaspiritualist asked:

You're blog is completely awesome! What would you say is a Pisces greatest weakness? I've also looked into how people who are Sun in Pisces have minor traits of all of the other signs is this even possible?

astrolocherry answered:

Pisces don’t have any weakness. They are raised by the 11 signs before them, held under the watchful divine wings, maybe it can get dark under the shadow of the wings, but Neptune is the higher octave of Venus, and that is love, so love is all shattering, the only thing that remains after all illusion is washed away, people get into politics to show they have power. people love to show they have power. one is more powerful. the other is weakness. that is not pisces.
I have a lot of information about pisces in the tag if you can read it. thank you for your compliment xxx <3 <3